MARQUETTE — Today is both National Adoption Day and Michigan Adoption Day. It’s a time to remember the more than 100,000 children in the U.S. that are in foster care, in need of a loving permanent home.

Four children were adopted today in Marquette County Probate Court. The court held a celebration to recognize them, other adopted local kids and their families. Two of today’s four adopted kids are going to the same family in Negaunee Township.

“It’s just nice,” adoptive parent John Peterson said. “We actually have one more adopted child; it’s nice to have the whole family together. All three are related, so now we have three adopted children, so that’s been a blessing. If anybody has an open heart, please let a child in. All children should have a warm home.”

Probate Judge Cheryl Hill says adoptions are the best part of her job. She invited not only the families adopting children today, but the families from all 33 adoptions in the county this year.

“It is just wonderful,” Judge Hill said. “I mean, I’ve got teenagers here, babies here, and just seeing how the families are getting along, it’s just great.”

The ceremony also recognized the Overmyers of Skandia, who’ve been named the Michigan Adoptive Parents of the Year by the Michigan Foster Care Review Board.

Fourteen children in Marquette County are currently in foster care, waiting to be adopted.