Time is running out for Marquette Alternative High School grant contest

MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — A teacher at Marquette Alternative High School needs some support from the U.P. community to win a $100,000 grant for her students.

Amanda Erspamer-Berry is in the Thank A Million Teachers Dream Big Challenge. Five winning teachers from different regions of the country will receive $100,000 grants from Farmers Insurance. Amanda is one of three finalists in the North Central region.

“Actually, we found out in, I think, the end of October that we were in first place,” Erspamer-Berry said. “Then, later on, we found out that we had dropped to second place, so we know that we’re doing OK. We’re in the top two, which is always exciting, but, of course, we want to be in first.”

She’s the only Michigan teacher in the competition. Marquette Alternative High School would use the grant to help its students lead healthier and more creative lives.

“We would have our own health and fitness center right within the school, and one of the more exciting things right now is that we’d have a full–time art class for students,” Erspamer-Berry said. “A lot of our students are really great at art, but we don’t have a full–time art teacher, so that’s exciting also.”

The online voting lasts through midnight this coming Sunday night at thankamillionteachers.com.

Amanda won a $2,500 grant from Farmers Insurance in September.