Homeschooled students take archery lessons

ISHPEMING — Homeschooled students sometimes don’t get a chance to play high school sports or have competitions with other kids their age.

One central U.P. homeschool group decided to change that and learn a fun sport. Straight Line Archery gave students from the Christian Homeschoolers of Upper Michigan archery lessons for the past few weeks. Each kid took turns shooting at targets from various distances and learned the basics of archery.

“(We’ve learned) how to hold the bow, how to aim, just how to shoot it I guess,” eleven-year-old Ella said.

“I’ve learned that you have to pull the bow back with an arrow and how not to draw fire,” eight-year-old James said. “(I’ve also learned) how to hold the string with three fingers, aim at the target not at the floor.”

“It’s fun because there’s different targets every time; (this time) we’ve been shooting at balloons.”

The home school group does events likes these so the kids can interact with other kids and learn something they could use later in life.

“Maybe if I get a bow I’ll be able to practice at home and go hunting with my dad or something,” Ella said.

The archery classes are now over, but other events are planned for this winter, including learning how to bowl and having a group science fair.