“Northern Lights,” lites up the stage at NMU

The stage at NMU’s Jamrich Hall was lit up tonight as the Northern Lights Fall Concert took place. The group is an Acapella singing group made up of all students and it got started just about four years ago. It consists of about 18 students from a variety of majors including education and biology. They say their love of music binds them together.

Northern Lights singer Natalie Lord, commented,  “I like how everybody else can see how the same songs that are on the radio can also be portrayed in different ways. How you can make an acoustic feel with it, how we can slow it down, speed it up and it just gives you a whole new appreciation for the same song and then a whole nother appreciation for music all together.

Although the group is Acapella tonight’s performance included 6 individual acts where the students got to perform with a musical instrument if they so chose.

All concerts are open to the public and they just ask for a minimum donation.

“At first we were only performing at small venues, but now we are opening for some of the largest acts on campus as well as competing nationally and then the musicianship has grown 10–fold,” said Jacob Barnby, Director, Northern Lights.

Northern Lights is looking for a few new performers for 2015. You can contact them at Northernlightsacapella@gmail.com.