NMU athletes use their other talents for Make-a-Wish

MARQUETTE — Northern Michigan University athletic teams are ready to get in front of a crowd this weekend to raise money for a good cause.

The teams are participating in a Make-a-Wish Talent Show. All athletic teams will perform a skit, song or dance to raise money for the charity.

Members of the NMU men’s basketball team would not reveal the team’s talent or how long they have been practicing.

“Probably not enough,” NMU freshman basketball player Alex Sorenson said, “but we should be able to make it work and do a pretty good job, hopefully.”

“We have some great acts, we’re going to have a lot of good dance moves, a lot of good talents,” NMU sophomore basketball player Marcus Hall said.

“It’ll definitely be funny to watch,” Sorenson said. “Everyone who comes gets a chance to see everyone and put a face to the name and to the team and get a feel for what the teams are like and raise a little awareness for us also.”

The show starts at 6 p.m. Sunday in Vandament Area on NMU’s campus. Admission is $1 and donations are also accepted.