And with the fall weather upon us, indoor activities are taking a main stage. So just because summer is gone, there is one place in Marquette that’s heating up with something for everyone. As fall weather cools things off, people are heading indoors to the Peter White Public Library. This month alone the library has more than 30 events scheduled. Everything from musical performances, to kids and teen activities to a variety of documentaries.

“I have wonderful variety in my job, I get to do different things in my job, tonight I set up the history of slavery class and this documentary, tomorrow it will be a book group discussion and the next day it will be another event, I get to meet a lot of people in my job and that’s been really rewarding and very gratifying,” said Maragaret Boyle, Program Coordinator, Peter White Public Library.

Most of the events at the library are free of charge. They are supported by tax dollars, endowments and donations. The variety of events come from public feedback and recommendations.

“We have children’s programs for all age groups. The book gets read and then there is an activity or craft to go along with it. Then we have dog nights at the library where kids read to dogs and it helps them with their reading skills because the dog never criticizes their reading ability. It’s a really wonderful program and it is on Thursday nights here,” continued Boyle.

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