Interim Marquette County Register of Deeds chosen

MARQUETTE — Since Patricia Manley is leaving the Marquette County Register of Deeds position Friday in the middle of her term, the position had to be filled temporarily. The Marquette County Election Commission addressed the issue this afternoon.

State law requires a county election commission to have three members: the county clerk, the prosecuting attorney and the chief probate judge. When a Michigan county elected official leaves office mid-term, the election commission must meet to choose a successor.

“The requirements in the statute are pretty straightforward, that we have to make an appointment of somebody that has the qualifications that are necessary for the position,” Marquette County Probate Judge Cheryl Hill said.

Manley’s chief deputy, Carla L’Huillier, submitted a letter of interest in the temporary job. Manley also recommended that L’Huillier should have it and the commission agreed.

“Ms. L’Huillier has been standing in Pat’s footsteps whenever Pat is at a conference, whenever she’s not around here”, Judge Hill said. “She’s been more than capable of filling in that position for the 14 years she’s been the deputy.”

If L’Huillier wishes to continue in the job past the end of 2016, she’ll have to run for office in August of that year.