Huron Mountain Bakery moves to new building, expands offerings in Ishpeming

ISHPEMING — The Huron Mountain Bakery has had a store in Ishpeming for about ten years, and last week the bakery moved to a new location–a few feet away.

The bakery is in a building that was home to Peggy Sue’s restaurant.  Its old location did not have a refrigerator unit, so there were limited options of what could be sold.  The new location now sells the bakery’s gourmet cakes, cupcakes and sandwiches that were not available before.

“They can get anything up here that we can do in Marquette which is a huge plus I think, to be able to offer the same stuff,” Huron Mountain Bakery general manager Benjamin Hayes said.  “I know we had a lot of comments prior from a lot of customers asking ‘Why can’t we get this up here, you have it in Marquette’ and we’re like ‘We’re working on it’ so finally we opened and we’re really excited.”

Hayes said they are also working on finishing a pizza oven, but that won’t be fully operational for a few months.

“Eventually we will have pizzas up here and they won’t have it in Marquette so you’ll be one up on us,” he said.  “We want to make sure we have everything set and dialed in before we start throwing it out there but we will be handing out lots of free pizzas beforehand, so people will know.”

Hayes said already in the past week there’s been a lot of new customers visiting the bakery and more business with people coming to check out the new location.

The Huron Mountain Bakery’s hours are 6 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday-Saturday, and 7 a.m.-3 p.m. Sunday.  More information can be found clicking here.