Harvey brewery seeing success in its first month of operation

HARVEY — The Chocolay River Brewery has been open for about a month, and already the brewery is seeing a lot of community support.

The brewery is attached to The Bayou Restaurant in Harvey, so there are plenty of options for food.  The Bayou also has an outdoor seating area with a fire pit.

Owner Tim Soucy said plenty of locals are switching from their usual domestic beers to one of the six in-house brews.

“Once they did try it, it just switched them over,” he said. “They’re enjoying it. A lot of the Bud, Bud Light drinkers have tasted it (the craft brews) once and they like it.”

“Our most popular beer right now is our blueberry wheat,” Chocolay River Brewery brewmaster Grant Lyke said. “Which it seems in this area–Marquette County–that there’s some other breweries that also have the blueberry wheat and it’s just a phenomenon. People just love it.”

There has already been an increase in sales at the restaurant, showing that the craft beer scene is still growing in the Marquette County area.

“It’s boosted not just because of the beer, I think, but everyone’s wanting to see what’s going on and wanting to know there’s a new kid on the block, there’s a new beer out there and something to see and what do they have. Once they come in and taste our food and check out the menu they keep coming back, they’re impressed,” Soucy said.

“(The Chocolay River Brewery) gives the craft beer lovers one more place to go experience great beer and a good atmosphere,” Lyke said.

The Chocolay River Brewery is located on Main Street in Harvey.

You can visit its website or Facebook page for more information, including a menu.