MARQUETTE — With the predicted failure of the erosion to the LakeShore in Marquette a work session was held tonight to discuss the best option to eliviate the threat to the lakeshore eroding. City Commissioners were presented with finalized plans because to do nothing is no longer an option.

The current erosion problem is a danger to bikers, drivers and beach goers because the rock wall along Lake Shore Drive is compromised. The plan is to move the road further inland, raise it’s elevation, realign the road for better access to the waterfront and make the area more accessible everyone.

“It is very important that the city always plans ahead and not get caught behind the curve and this is an example of doing that. We have identified a problem, we’ve went through the public process with a potential solution to that problem and if we have the opportunity to fix it, we will be in a position to do so,” said Fred Stonehouse, Mayor, Pro Tiem.

The presented plan will cost a total of about eight million dollars but the price to do nothing and constantly bandage the problem is 10 million dollars. With a plan now in place, city officials say they can start to apply for grants, federal funding and putting money aside to keep the shoreline protected.