Ishpeming Labor Day celebration flourishes despite rain

ISHPEMING — The incessant rain didn’t keep people from spending the day outside celebrating Labor Day in Ishpeming.

Residents, union members, representatives, and candidates for office showed up in droves for the Marquette Alger Community Labor Council’s 25th annual Labor Day Festival. The day’s events started with a parade through the city featuring the Blue Notes marching band and numerous local unions. The message of support for workers was loud and clear.

“This is a great celebration of people getting together and just sort of acknowledging all of the things that labor has done for our state and for our nation,” said Democratic Congressional candidate Jerry Cannon.

“It’s a great festivity,” said Tom Baldini, a candidate for the Marquette City Commission. “The U.P. has got a strong history of labor unions, organizing, and celebrating (the) working day for men and women in our country and locally.”

“This is special here,” said State Representative John Kivela of Marquette. “It always has been. The people are very proud, very proud of the work they’ve done, and their parents before them have done, and their grandparents, and again, it’s just a great experience, and rain doesn’t keep Yoopers away.”

A picnic and rally was held after the parade featuring live music and hot fresh pasties. There was even a bounce house available to keep the kids entertained.