Michigan unemployment rates are up for the month of June

There’s bad news for Michigan employees this month.

Almost every labor market in the state saw an increase in seasonal unemployment for the month of June.  The increases were small, with most regions only seeing a half a percentage point or less of a hike. But, some areas like Detroit, Warren, and Livonia, saw jumps as high as 1.2 percent. The only areas that didn’t see an increase in unemployment were the Upper Peninsula and the northern Lower Peninsula. However, all 17 major labor markets reported unemployment rates below ten percent, and jobless rates are much lower than they were at this time last year.

But, the news isn’t all bad. From May to June, most of the state saw a seasonal increase of about 1.5 percent in labor force levels, which translates to around 22,000 new seasonal and tourism related jobs In addition, total employment has increased in nearly the entire state over the past year. The gains were as large is 2.7 percent, with the largest increases in the Grand Rapids, Holland and Lansing areas.