Garden Tour blossoms tomorrow in Marquette

Blooming flowers, gigantic plants and delicious vegetables are on the schedule for the 21st annual Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee Garden Tour. Volunteers and committee members were out today preparing the gardens for viewing. Installing butterfly habitats built by local boy scout troop 395, deadheading plants, and getting rid of some of the invasive species were just a few of the many steps in the beautification process.

“We put wildflowers and grasses as well as some grambles and some high bush cranberries, so we provided some food and habitat for the critters,” said Renee Leow, Admistrator, Marquette County Conservation District.

“I like it because I get ideas for my yard, it’s just amazing what people have done in their yards, I think it is just amazing what people have done to their yards. I’ve always called it the secret backyards of Marquette, you get to see the front yards but you don’t know what’s in the back,” said Phyllis James, Marquette Beautification & restoration Committee.

“Two years ago we applied to the national Monarch Weight Station Society and we were given national designation for Monarch Weight Stations, this is a really cool site,” continued Leow.

A few of the Monarchs decided to make an appearance and check out their new digs. Although some of the gardens may look like a bit wild, Leow says to stop and take a closer look as a lot of the natural beauty is hidden in the foliage.

“That’s what we are here for, to educate the public because this is a prairie style garden, so it is kind of wild but if you go up close and into the interior of this garden you are going to realize there is so much going on between the insects and beautiful flowers, it’s pretty cool,” continued Leow.

The self–guided tour takes place tomorrow from 1pm until 7pm and tickets are 10 dollars. If you want to help, the conservation districts says they are always in need of volunteers for their various beautification community projects.

Tickets can be purchased at:
Garden Boutique
Flower Works
Landmark Inn
For more information contact: Phyllis (906) 361-8230