Kids learn what the wolf does during Michigan Mammals Week

To celebrate Michigan’s rich animal diversity, the Department of Natural Resources has named the third week of July as Michigan Mammals Week.

So what does it take to get kids off their bikes and sitting still for a period of time? Apparently, a presentation on wolves.

Van Riper State Park held its Explorer Program today highlighting the grey wolf. Additional programs for the week included moose, coyotes, bears, robust rodents and elks.

A presentation this evening will be held at the campfire circle on predators vs. Prey. Campers are invited to pull up a tree stump and listen in.

“I already knew they were really fast but I didn’t know how much they could weigh up to, it’s cool that they can weigh up to 120 pounds, they are so big,” said Kaydence Fowler of Morenci, Michigan.

“That they eat other animals, they have really sharp teeth and they are really big, it was really furry and really soft,” Hannah Niemi of Ishpeming said.

“It was cool, it felt weird touching it’s fur,” said Seth Nora of Ishpeming.

You do not have to be a camper to cop a squat and join in on the fun. Although kid-friendly, the programs are for adults as well.

“It’s a way for the whole family to learn together. We are out in nature so we might as well be learning about it. It’s really cool and these kids are out future and if they don’t care about nature, what’s going to happen then,” Van Riper State Park explorer guide Kayla Ruth said.

The Explorer Interpretive Programs go until the end of summer. Click here for a complete list of State Parks with interpretive programs.