Move over band camp, there’s a new camp in town. Horse Camp for kids is racing to lead the trails in outdoor fun.

From eight to 80-years-old, horse camp is galloping along and making an impression in the U.P. Heritage Hills Horse Camp for kids has them having fun all while gaining confidence, independence, and learning responsibility.

“It’s really amazing to see a group of kids that are scared, they don’t know how to hold the reins but by the sixth week they are riding around decently and they are having a good time. They are relaxed, it’s amazing how fast kids progress with something like this,” said Joni Gleason, Heritage Hill Horseback Riding.

“Trotting seems more fun for me because it is faster and I like it more. Jumping is just more of an advanced way to ride,” said Lexi Henderson, 11 years–old.

“I like trails, I like how you get to see the trees and just riding back there, it’s all quiet,” said Kaitlin Koski, 11 years–old.

Heritage Hills sits on 21 acres of land and for the past 2 years they have offered kids camp. And as the kids don’t just come and ride. A lot goes into the care of a horse and they have to learn it all.

“There are just so many areas of horsemanship that are good for kids. It’s wholesome, being outdoors being active, learning how to take care of an animal, learning a skill. The skill of handling a horse and riding is something that you can take with you your whole life,” continued Gleason.

Summer horse camp at Heritage Hills begins soon as well as several mini camps that will be offered.

More information can be found here.