Various roads in Quinnesec and Iron Mountain are undergoing rail repair and repaving.

A portion of Powder Lake Road in Iron Mountain will close today due to heavy construction. The closure will affect the road from Breitung Cut-off Road to just north of the Canadian National Railway.

The Dickinson County Road Commission railway crew will be repairing the tracks that cross the roadway. Immediately following this repair, the road from the crossing south to Breitung Cut-off Road will be broken up and eventually repaved. Because the track repair cannot be accomplished while closing only a part of the road’s width, the road will be completely closed until repaved. The Road Commission expects the closure to last until June 20.

Drivers hoping to travel from Breitung Cut-off Road to US-2 will need to find an alternate route. A signed detour will be provided along Breitung Cut-off Road to US-141, and subsequently US-2. The access road to businesses on Powder Lake Road will be open.

The Powder Lake Road Project is funded through the Federal Highway Administration Small Urban Surface Transportation Program, the Dickinson County Road Commission, and the City of Iron Mountain.

Additionally, the Dickinson County Road Commission has been breaking up various streets in Quinnesec since Friday in preparation for repaving. Sections of Menominee, Mellen, Adams, and River Streets and Cemetery Lane are included in this project.

After pulverization is complete, these roads will reopen to traffic, albeit over gravel until the roads are repaved. The Canadian North Railway is repairing the tracks crossing Cemetery Lane, which will remain closed until final paving is completed.