In their last week of school 1st graders at Lakeview Elementary went to camp and learned about the great outdoors.

The program is called Camp Skeeter and it’s been going on for quite some time. The kids put up tents and “campfires” in their classrooms and engage in nature and environment related readings and also look at what items are needed to go camping.

1st grade teacher Nathan Fisher said, “Read about camping; we’ve got a lot of camping books. We’ve got some math with camping themes: John got bit by five mosquitoes and Sarah got bit by two, that kind of fun stuff. It’s just a real good time right before the summer learning about the great outdoors and getting kids curious. Why are mosquitoes out there and where do they come from? What’s the lifecycle of a mosquito? Stuff like that.”

Many of the kids hadn’t been camping before and one of the favorite activities for them was going on a hike to Miner’s Park. Fisher had fun observing the students’ curiosity and sees a significant takeaway from a program like this.

“Everything is a learning adventure,” Fisher said. “There’s learning all around us and if we’re curious and if we ask questions, there’s all sorts of stuff we can learn and there are books about everything and learning about the great outdoors. You’ll find learning all around us.”

Students participated in a campfire style sing along today.

Camp Skeeter is an annual event and several schools participate in it.