Gov. Snyder wants to improve quality of life for Michigan’s seniors

By 2030, nearly one in four Michigan residents will be 60 or older.

Governor Rick Snyder addressed four areas that will improve quality of life for Michigan’s older population while delivering a message in Rochester Monday.

He said the four areas that need to improve are: living a healthy lifestyle, remaining active and engaged, ensuring financial security during retirement, and retaining independence and choice.

Governor Snyder explained his strong commitment to home and community-based services, and wanted to stress the importance of making  Michigan “no wait state”, by funding services to end waiting lists.

“This is one of the biggest ones (issues),” he said.  “This is the task where we have about a $20 million budget ask of the state legislature this year.  When I talk about home- and community-based services, this is what we’re talking about making Michigan a ‘no wait state’ in.”

“Today in Michigan we have people looking to get Meals on Wheels, we have people looking to get in-home services, we have the My Choice Waiver Program where we have a waiting list–all situations where we don’t have the full resources we need to really service the people the way we’d like to.”

The governor also announced the development of an aging website, which will provide adults aging-related information and easier access to programs and services.