Judge seeking Michigan Supreme Court Justice seat visits Marquette

The Kent County Circuit Court Judge stepped outside of his jurisdiction Friday to meet the people that make up the U.P.

The Marquette meet and greet was just one of several stops on his statewide tour, as he aims to move up the ranks in the judicial system.

Judge James Redford is seeking a nomination to run for a Supreme Court Justice seat, that recently became vacant after Justice Michael F. Cavanagh announced that he would not return to his position on the bench.  Redford stopped by the Coachlight Restaurant in downtown Marquette this afternoon to meet with voters, activists, and community leaders.

“Today (Friday), one of the questions from one of the lawyers about how to deal with certain aspects of law that are not authorized was a very important point I thought,” Redford said.  “Another question that was brought up was whether or not certain committees that do proposals to change jury instruction should be publishing comments.”

“Those were two, I thought very thoughtful, really probing comments and analysis that are helpful for me, as chairman of one of those committees right now that I plan to take away.”

Redford said campaigning and meeting with citizens is a vital role in part of the election process.

“A decision of who we’re going to elect, whether it is for the State Supreme Court, County Commissioner, State House, we’re asking to have the privilege to serve,” he said.  “And to the extent that I can meet more people individually, let them ask me questions, get to know me, and me to be able to answer their questions, I think enhances the process so that our friends and citizens and fellow voters can make an informed decision.”

Redford was in Sault Ste. Marie earlier Friday and plans on going to Escanaba Saturday.

He will find out if he has won the nomination for the justice seat in late August.