New app helps grocery shoppers buy meat

With recent beef recalls, many shoppers might be worried about where their meat comes from.

Traceable Meat may have a solution to that problem. The new smart phone app shows consumers where their meat came from and how the animal was fed, vaccinated and processed. All you have to do is scan a QR code.

“Through innovative tech solution we provide opportunity to bridge the gap between meat consumers and meat producers so they can learn farm to fork information and some of the practices of that ranch,” said Josh Morrison, Vice President of Traceable Meat.

Farmers and ranchers who are members of the Traceable Meat system provide specific information about animals and farming practices. This information is attached to a QR code which will be placed on meat packaging or restaurant menus. The app will also help give meat consumers more choices when it comes to buying meat.

“So you find a producer where you like their meat, if its a specific breed or you like beef that has been grass fed or organic, and you can determine that and its kind of a way to determine different types of meat that you prefer,” added Morrison.

Currently, Traceable Meat is only working with cattle farmers, but plans to expand to other livestock, such as fish, pork and poultry. The app is available for free on the app store and Google play. For more information, visit