Construction begins on Cinder Pond Marina

Boaters were out today preparing their boats in the hopes that Cinder Pond Marina will soon open.

Construction is underway at the Cinder Pond Marina boathouse after its foundation shifted slightly over the winter due to harsh conditions.

Although the effort is moving along nicely, boat launches are a different story. For the past few weeks, boat launches They have been inundated with chunks of ice. Some days there’s a little, some days, like today, there’s a lot. It’s enough to give Marina officials cause for concern.

The Coast Guard estimates there ten to fifteen percent of Lake Superior is covered in ice, and it is uncertain when the boat launch will open. Officials are looking for consistency. When the pond does open, officials want avoid re–closing the marina due to ice. Progress on the marina and the status of the launches are being updated on a weekly basis through Public Service Announcements.

Even with the marina closed, boaters are still out and preparing to launch. Marina Officials hope to have Cinder Pond officially reopened by June 1.