Students, teachers help principal with High Heels for Healing

A Marquette area school is lending a helping hand to one of their own through a unique fundraiser.

The staff of Cherry Creek Elementary School created the High Heels for Healing campaign to help principal Tamra Bott, who was diagnosed with cancer five years ago. T-shirts and wristbands are being sold to raise money for Mrs. Bott and her family.

“She’s done so much for our school and our school community here that we wanted to do something for her,” first-grade teacher Jen Erickson said. “We came up with the High Heels for Healing program because Mrs. Bott is known for her high heel shoes, and this is our way of showing our support to her and her family as she goes through this difficult time.”

Students and staff alike are hoping to see their principal back in school soon.

“She is fun and she’s funny, and I really want her to get better,” third-grader Delana Sprowl said.

“You could always tell when she was walking down the hallway with her shoes, because you could hear the click-clack of her shoes, and it has kind of become the way we know she’s coming, and I will say I do miss the click-clack coming down the hallway,” Erickson added.

For more information on High Heels for Healing, visit and click on the Cherry Creek Elementary School page.