Stress, migraines, depression and anxiety are just a few symptoms acupuncturists say can be healed through Eastern Practice.

The healing process of acupuncture with and without needles was demonstrated today during the “Your Mind Matters” series held at the Peter White Public Library.

“Pain, mood, digestion, if there is anything plaguing you, you should try acupuncture. It was a primary mode of medicine in other countries and still is,” said Alicia Dambeck, Acupuncturist.

Acupuncture is about aligning, the mind body and spirit to cure. For some the concept is working as a few testimonies were given as proof.

“She’s having digestive issues and food sensitivity and she wasn’t sleeping well, she was waking up several times a night.  After the treatment she would sleep better for at least 3 nights and gradually it is getting more, it’s cumulative,” said Tifany Galer, Iron Mountain Resident.

“So we did a non-insertive acupuncture that is based on using tools that scrape and scrap and move around on the meridians, under the theory that we have these meridians inside of us and that if they are more balanced you feel better,” continued Dambeck.

Dambeck specializes in Five-Element and Pediatric Acupuncture.