Heating assistance funding is still plentiful at end of winter

Marquette and Alger County residents who’ve had a hard time staying warm this winter have some good news. AMCAB still has plenty of heating assistance money in its coffers.

In March, the Michigan Department of Human Services and the Bureau of Community Action and Economic Opportunity sent $11 million in assistance funding across the state. AMCAB was one of 29 Michigan community action agencies to receive money.

“We went through about half of the appropriation that was designated for Alger and Marquette counties, leaving us about a half,” AMCAB executive director Earl Hawn said. “I want to make sure we reach every resident of Alger and Marquette counties that may be eligible for these funds.”

AMCAB’s original share came out to $350,000. The assistance covers deliverable fuels, which would be propane, coal, fuel oil, wood or wood pellets.

“If we do not expend those funds, then we will return those funds that are not expended,” Hawn said. “We will serve people up to the point of expending all of the dollars. We have until August 31st.”

You can call AMCAB anytime to set up an appointment. 9762.

If you live outside of Alger and Marquette counties, Hawn suggests calling your own area’s community action agency to see if it has any funding remaining.