One of the eight couples participating in Dancing with the Stars: Marquette County Style is making disco cool again.

Erin and Tyler Gauthier are hard at work mastering “The Hustle,” a classic 1970’s dance that they hope will be a fan favorite and help raise plenty of money for the U.P. Home Health and Hospice Foundation

“I think this is about pleasing the audience,” said Tyler. “I think the audience knows we’re not dancers. The audience knows we’re working hard to put together a great routine, but at the end, it’s not all about the dance, it’s about pleasing the crowd. It’s about pleasing the judges, and any way we can do that, we’re going to go ahead and try.”

The Gauthiers are both Account Executives at St. Onge Insurance. Since there’s a little Gauthier on the way, the pair had to come up with some unique ideas for their dance number.

“We had to learn to be a little bit more creative because we aren’t able to do those lifts and flips and stuff, you know, that we’d love to do, that other dancers might be able to do,” Erin added. “So we kind of went into the box and kind of pulled out some different ideas.”

Dancing with the Stars: Marquette County Style will be dancing your way on May 22nd, and while tickets are sold out, you can still vote online for your favorite couple. Just visit Votes are $10 each, and proceeds go to the Hospice Foundation.