Charity violation case against business owner moves forward

A charity violation case against the owner of an Ishpeming Township business is taking a step forward. Scott Martin, 40, has a Circuit Court arraignment scheduled for April 25th in Marquette.

District Judge Roger Kangas has bound the case over, ruling that there was enough evidence at the preliminary exam for the case to go to trial.

Martin’s business, Martin Sports Apparel, printed and sold T-shirts in late 2012 in memory of Christopher ‘Bubba’ Croley, who died when his family’s vehicle was hit by a drunk driver. Several witnesses testified at the prelim that for every $15 T-shirt sold, $10 would go to the Croley family. The family has never received the money.

Martin says a Marquette County Sheriff’s Department detective told him in late 2012 to leave the proceeds where they were being stored until receiving further instructions. He claims that because he never received any more instructions, he still has the money.

Martin is accused of violating the Michigan Charitable Organizations and Solicitation Act, which is a five-year felony. He’s free for the time being on $500 bond.