Although corned beef and cabbage isn’t a traditional Irish dish, it’s being treated like one at the Wild Rover in Marquette today.

The Irish pub is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with an all-Irish menu, green beer and a bagpipe performance. In addition to pairing with cabbage, the Rover is serving up corn beef sliders and some more traditional Irish plates.

“The bangers and champ, awesome product; we get it from Smokehouse Glenn, all the sausages,” Wild Rover chef Andrew Sear said. “He makes it to our specs, takes care of us, drops it off once or twice a week; wonderful thing to eat with the colcannon that we’re serving today, which is a very traditional Irish side dish.”

Although St. Patrick’s Day has been Americanized over the past 40 years, Sear finds practical value to the way we celebrate it.

“I’ve seen it all over Facebook the past couple of weeks that St. Patrick’s Day is nothing like this in any other European country,” Sear said. “We’ve embellished it to be a day; we don’t have a lot of breaks here in America and we figured it was a good day to be able to separate yourself from everything and enjoy the day, enjoy good food, enjoy a culture and be more open to seeing different things, a different variety of food, or just how people tend to go about their day.”

The menu will be served until 8:00 and live music performances will continue well into the night. If you miss the festivities today, the Wild Rover serves a few of today’s menu items, like the sliders, on their every day menu too.