Winter Storm Seneca is bringing heavy snowfall and gusting winds to the Copper Country, but so far the storm hasn’t really affected any plans for most people.

Zero visibility and blowing snow made it tough for drivers trying to get to their destinations.  But all it takes is just being extra careful on the roads.

Some even braved the elements if they had to.  A downstate resident in Houghton a meeting admires how people in the Upper Peninsula deal with the snow.

“Like downstate, it’s been a snowy winter all over especially near Detroit. But it’s four inches and people run out and get canned goods. But I think up here, it doesn’t stop you guys,” Scott Ray said.

Most of the major businesses remained open as well, to do their best to serve the community in the harsh conditions.

Houghton County is expected to remain under a winter storm warning until Saturday morning.

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