Help a U.P. film make it to the big screen

A local production company is asking for help to complete a movie that has a powerful message about finding an identity in a multicultural world.

The movie is called Mutt and it follows Meda Paavola, a young woman who is half Finnish, half Native American, as she struggles to find love and acceptance from either side.  Being raised mostly Finnish, she has had no exposure to Native American culture until she falls in love with Neil, a young Native American man.  But things become complicated as Meda’s family is uncomfortable with her rediscovering her roots and Neil’s family rejects Meda as a half–breed and not a member of their tribe.

The production company Early Spring received help from the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community.  Filming is done, but Media Specialist Molly Linn says they have hit a snag in post–production.

“We are trying to raise money to bring the film to completion because it is a really powerful message and it’s a good story, and I think it would be really beneficial to the community to get it out there,” she said.

The film has been 100% locally produced, from the shooting locations to the cast and crew.

Those interested in making a donation can visit and search “Mutt Post–Production”.  There you will be given an option to donate either $10, $25, $50, or $100.  And each donation has its perks, which are specified on the website.

The deadline for donations is Saturday.

For more information, visit