Let’s Rebuild Community Begins Accepting Applications and Seeks Summer Volunteers

Last summer Let’s Rebuild Community helped repaint and complete some exterior work on homes in the Calumet area. This year the program will return but will work with homeowners around South Range, Adams Township, and Tapiola. Let’s Rebuild Community helps homeowners retake pride in their home says organizer Bill Binroth, especially as more residents desire to age in place.

“Fixing up the outside of the home, it creates kind of more of a pride of the owner in their house and also protects that investment which for many people, many seniors in particular, is the biggest asset that they have and they want to protect it. The audience that we’re trying to help are seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities that are either unable to do the work of painting the outside of their house themselves or simply can’t afford it.” – Bill Binroth, Organizer, Let’s Rebuild Community

Let’s rebuild the community will work with volunteers to complete the work in August. Binroth adds that while some knowledge of painting helps, anyone can volunteer with Let’s Rebuild Community and learn everything needed on-site.

“We only paint and treat the part of the house that is in reach of at most a four foot ladder. Anything higher than that. We do hire professionals to do the gable ends of the homes and we did that last year.” – Bill Binroth, Organizer, Let’s Rebuild Community

Those interested in getting involved with Let’s Rebuild Community as a volunteer should contact Bill Binroth for more information and details for August.

The organization does work with a senior meal program to get applications out to some in the area. Seniors living in and around the South Range, Tapiola area can also contact Bill Binroth to receive a Let’s Rebuild community application. Let’s Rebuild Community does ask those selected for the program to pay a 100 dollar commitment fee. The organization’s steering committee will select four homes in the area to work during August 10th, 11th and 17th, 18th.

Let’s Rebuild Community is a DBA of the registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Let’s Eat Community Meals, based in Chassell. Contact Bill Binroth at 906-370-9965 or bbinroth@gmail.com with any questions or for a copy of the application.