The 97th District Courts will Begin Implementing MiFILE into the Court System

The 97th District Courts of Baraga, Houghton, and Keweenaw Counties will become a MiFILE court. The 97th District Court announced on Thursday it will join more than 50 other Michigan court systems in the MiFILE initiative.

MiFILE implements an e-filing system sponsored by the Michigan Supreme Court and State Court Administrative Office, to provide electronic submission and servicing of documents. Michigan Court rule amendments supported the creation of a statewide e-filing solution to inefficiencies found in court offices. Additionally, the amendments include establishing set experience standards for filers to ensure courts are consistent and reliable.

97th District Court Administrator for Baraga, Houghton, and Keweenaw counties Nikki Jollimore says that MiFILE implementation into the region’s court system will take some time to transition into, however, she and her staff are excited to streamline the mechanics of litigation and offer significant cost savings to the courts, litigants, and attorneys. E-filing is a cost-saving, green, and efficient measure that saves on vast quantities of paperwork and time spent filing documents.

The 97th district courts will begin to officially use MiFILE E-filing in 90 days. Once the system has begun attorneys will be mandated to file required documents as required by Michigan Court rule 1.109(G)(3)(f). Self-representing litigants are not required to file. Go to Keweenaw report dot com to learn more about the MiFILE E filing being implemented by the 97th district courts of Baraga, Houghton, and Keweenaw counties.