CopperDog Events Taking Place this Weekend Includes Fundraiser Dinner on Sunday

The silver lining of CopperDog calling the weekend’s main race events earlier this month was that organizers had time to organize alternative events for the same three days. Friday night Calumet will still fill Fifth Street for the annual street party, campfires, and fireworks. Saturday will see the introduction of the Copper Pull and Copper Dash. Two new events CopperDog was already planning to introduce to the race weekend. As well as the addition of two film screenings over the weekend. But one of the biggest ways the community can still show their support for CopperDog will come on Sunday.

“Our event is going to be catered by Sunday in the Park. And initially, it was supposed to be a musher banquet, where we do all of our awards. And we do some talking about everybody that’s involved and hand out awards for all the races. But obviously, we’ve got to change things up a little bit. So it is going to be a bit of a fundraiser for CopperDog. It’ll be $20 for the dinner from 2 to 4.” – Krissy Tepsa, Musher Coordinator, CopperDog 150

The Copper Dog fundraiser dinner will act to raise money for the event to make up for the canceled race formats. CopperDog over 14 years has grown to have a large impact on the local economy with several dog teams and personnel, spectators, and volunteers traveling to the region, staying in local hotels, eating at restaurants, and recreating when not at the race. CopperDog’s fundraiser dinner on Sunday will begin at 2 pm at the Keweenaw Heritage Center at St Anne’s Church in Calumet. Tickets for the dinner will cost 20 dollars. The menu will include chicken, ham, cheesy potatoes, Green beans and baked beans, and dessert. Find more details here.