National Sauna Week Comes the Hancock

Happy Sauna Week! For the next week, Michigan’s residents are encouraged to take part in a little Finnish tradition that has become enjoyed by many throughout the region. Famously the Upper Peninsula has earned the name the sauna belt thanks to the region’s Scandinavian ancestry and affinity for the steam baths.

This week there are several Sauna-themed events taking place in the area and online with the help of the Finlandia Foundation National. At the Finnish American Heritage Center sauna enthusiasts and those curious about the relaxing time can check out the Sauna Week exhibit, and participate in a sauna forum. Or next door on the Quincy Green check out the Sauna Expo on Saturday or record your sauna story with 2nd Sandbar Photography throughout the week. Additionally, residents can join the Hancock Finnish Theme Committee and take a tour of Central Keweenaw Saunas on Sunday.

Those interested in learning more about saunas as a practice or their health benefits can learn more with several online programs with the Finlandia Foundation National. One program taking place today will begin at 1 pm online with the hosts of the Upper Beach Podcast and Lassi Liikkanen from Helsinki.

Those interested in learning more about Sauna Week events taking place this week below.

National Sauna Week in Hancock

Finlandia Foundation National Online National Sauna Week Activities