Potential Motivation for the Murder of Alvin Kempainen Revealed in Warrant Documents

New information in the murder case involving a mother and son from Wisconsin may reveal a motive in the death of Alvin Kempainen. Jacob and Margaret Kempainen of Hartland Wisconsin are charged with open murder and conspiracy to commit murder. Documents acquired by Bring Me the News were reported last week following a warrant executed on Jacob Kempainen’s Minneapolis residence. Jacob is a student at the University of Minnesota.

The warrant affidavit reveals that money may been a motive, a family member told police during the investigation.

On December 19th the Houghton County sheriff found Alvin deceased at his residence in Hancock, after a check-in was requested. The individual informed police that Alan Kempainen, Alvin’s son, had contacted them the night prior requesting a check-in on his father because he believed that Margaret, Jacob, and a minor were driving to Alvin’s home to ask for money. Alan revealed to police during the investigation his wife and children had left him on December 7th and had not seen them since. However, through a joint bank account, he was able to track their general location based on transactions.

On December 18th a transaction was completed in Bruce Crossing leading Alan to believe that Margaret and Jacob were headed to the Hancock home. That evening he contacted Alvin to inform him that Margaret and Jacob may be traveling to Hancock. Receiving a text message around 9 pm central from Alvin that the “…crew has arrived Will see what happens. Will keep you informed.” Alan again texted Alvin multiple times but did not receive an answer.

On December 19th, after police discovered Alvin’s body, law enforcement began their investigation. Using traffic camera footage and banking information law enforcement was able to track their location to Clear Lake, Iowa. Both were taken into custody for questioning.

Jacob stated in his interview that the parties were seeking shelter, and believed his grandfather was already dead having been possessed by spirits. Jacob referenced communications with spirits who said that Alvin had opened a well behind the home, and the spirits killed him.

Margaret told police that Alvin had come to her in a dream several weeks before the incident to tell her he died. She added that the purpose of going to the home was to seek shelter from her husband Alan, reiterating she believed Alvin was already dead. She says when she arrived at the home, she saw lights on in the house and movement inside. Margaret advised that the person inside was Alvin, but it wasn’t Alvin. She said that Alvin was able to move with the quickness of a 20-year-old, although Alvin is much older. Margaret stated that the person then yelled and moved toward them in a threatening manner. She identified Jacob as the shooter.

A search of Jacob Minneapolis’s residence was conducted on December 26th. Law enforcement collected items including the box for a 9 mm firearm, and the receipt for a holster. Police were unable to find a supposed tub of drugs. Alan informed police he believed that his son may have been using drugs or medication, impairing his judgment and reasoning related to the possession of his grandfather.

On January 8th Jacob’s landlord informed police that multiple packages had arrived addressed to him. A warrant was issued for those items which were entered into evidence on January 9th. The packages are listed as containing crystals and gemstones.

If convicted of open murder both face up to life in prison. Jacob also faces up to a two-year sentence for the felony firearms charge. A review hearing for Jacob companies is scheduled for March 8th. Margaret’s review has been set for March 22nd.