Making Physics Accessible with Professor Robert Nemiroff at Michigan Tech

Throughout the years, Michigan Tech’s Physics Department has been home to numerous professors who have transformed physics into a more engaging subject. Recently, one such professor released a new book aimed at making this complex field more accessible. Professor Robert Nemiroff believes that infusing humor into his teaching and into a subject that some may find daunting can aid in understanding the concepts. During his tenure at the campus, Nemiroff has participated in various projects aimed at making science more relatable to the general public. This includes his contribution to the team that installed the Fisher Hall Telescope and his co-founding of NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Nemiroff emphasizes that he’s not the sole faculty member at the university assisting students in understanding complex scientific topics. He takes great pride in being a part of the Physics Department at Michigan Tech. For those who wish to delve deeper into the life and work of Professor Robert Nemiroff, or are curious about his latest book, please visit: Robert J. Nemiroff | Physics | Michigan Tech (

This report was prepared by Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Thomas Fournier and ABC 10 News Reporter Selena Potila