Snowfall, warmth, and winter longings in the Upper Peninsula

As January 2024 draws to a close, the monthly snowfall total aligns with the average, despite the longing for more snow from the residents of the Upper Peninsula since winter began. December’s snowfall was a letdown, with Keweenaw County receiving only 10 inches.

January brought a more typical snowfall, contributing over 68 inches to the season’s total. The majority occurred within a ten-day period from January 11th through the 20th, during which the Keweenaw County Road Commission recorded 60 inches of snow. Following the snowstorm, the region experienced above-freezing temperatures, peaking at 35 degrees on the 24th. The National Weather Service in Marquette forecasts that residents can anticipate unusually warm temperatures, with highs above 35 degrees, for the next few days.

As the winter season continues, the residents of the Upper Peninsula look forward to what February might bring, hoping for more snowfall to satisfy their winter-longings, while also preparing for the predicted warmth in the days ahead.

This report was prepared by Keweenaw Bureau Reporter Thomas Fournier and ABC 10 News Reporter Selena Potila