Keweenaw County Receieves 50,000 Dollars in Grant Funds from the Michigan Department of labor and Economic Opportunity

Keweenaw County will receive 50000 dollars in grant funds from the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity. Keweenaw County will receive 50,000 dollars from the rural readiness grant program, to support emergency services and plans for the Keweenaw County Emergency Operations Center. Keweenaw County has plans to build an emergency response center for housing first responder equipment, support in-person and virtual training for multiple local agencies, and act as the center of operations for emergency responses in the future. Leadership in charge of the project plan to begin the planning process this spring, likely finishing plans in early 2025. During the year Keweenaw County will plan to hold public input sessions to allow residents to provide feedback on the project. Keweenaw County the Keweenaw Community Foundation and the Nature Conservancy of Michigan were co-applicants for the grant.

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