Huskies Will Start Construction Soon on Month Long Snow Statues in Time for Winter Carnival

Not a lot of snow is now a problem for Michigan Tech students. Even though the start of the winter delivered less than typical, the Blue Key Honor Society assures that Winter Carnival will still include the month-long snow statue competition. Though delayed by a week, Blue Key President Joe Dlugos says that groups will begin collecting snow for construction starting on Sunday.

“So we talked with a few different organizations that participate in the month-long competition. And we got some of their input on the snow statues. And that they cannot start without at least half a foot to a foot of snow. And since we are getting the snow so late we talked over it as an executive board. And had to delay the start time until January 14th. This gives the organizations an equal amount of time to get enough snow without having to out and spend money to make snow. Or find the proper amount of snow. And though it does delay the stat by a couple of weeks, teams will still have about four weeks to build.” – Joe Dlugos, President, Blue Key Honor Society

With students back on campus Blue Key has picked back up planning winter carnival events. Dlugos adds that committees are working to finalize plans ahead of the festival from February 7 to the 10th. Although a couple of events may change depending on incoming snowfall, Blue Key expects the winter carnival to include every bit of fun as any other year. Find more details on the Winter Carnival here, and follow the event’s Facebook page to check in with the month-long statue competition and carnival updates.