Learn Ways to Keep Up New Years Resolutions with UPHS – Portage

Now that calendars are turned to 2024 some may choose to make a change in their life. New Year’s resolutions typically try to improve an individual’s quality of life. Whether that means improving life through physical health, eating more fruits or vegetables, or cutting things out like alcohol.

“Slicing some tomatoes or cucumbers and adding them to your sandwich that you’ve already made for lunch the next day. Or wrap or something like that. Another good thing to work on that I see a lot of my patients doing is cutting out sugary beverages like sweetened teas, sodas, pop, lemonade those kinds of things. And working on drinking flavored water. Adding a little fun or a little spice to that water can be a really good way to cut back on those sweetened beverages.” – Taylor Paul, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, UPHS – Portage

UPHS Portage Nutritionist Taylor Paul, says that adding healthy foods certainly will improve the way someone feels. Another way to take on a resolution is by cutting out sugary drinks or lowering the amount of alcohol consumed over the year. She says that many people have trouble cutting out processed foods, and planning makes the biggest difference.

“One way to cut back on processed foods is planning. And a presentation that we’re having later this month, is Building Habits and Setting Goals. Coming to that presentation and getting education on how to meal plan. How to set goals so that we can cut back on those processed foods. And work on choosing meal planning and some healthier options. Because it is really hard. So having education and resources is a great place to start.” – Taylor Paul, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, UPHS – Portage

Just like making a plan and setting goals for nutrition. The best way to keep up a new health habit includes choosing attainable goals. After the first month of the year, many people may wake up, look at the clock, and turn back over. Instead of getting up and out the door on a morning run. Community Health Coordinator Angela Luskin says that on those days, even doing a little activity is better than none at all.

“If I’ve been sedentary and I haven’t exercised in a few months or even years. Starting out January 1 and saying I’m going to do 30 minutes of exercise every day is going to be difficult to do. So setting those small goals. Maybe I’m starting with 10 minutes of walking every day, Monday through Sunday. That’s a great place to start. And then slowly build upon that.” – Angela Luskin, Community Health Coordinator, UPHS – Portage

Later this month UPHS –Portage will hold a presentation to help people strategize and keep their resolutions for healthier lives. The setting Goals presentation with UPHS will take place at the Bonfire in Houghton on January 31st. Dinner will be provided for people in attendance, and organizers do ask those interested pre-register online. Find more details here.