This week’s Wildlife Wednesday comes to us from an anonymous viewer who lives in Ishpeming. This friendly gentleman captured video footage of a rafter of turkeys at his camp in the Suomi location.

When I watch this video, I hear the Benny Hill theme song playing in my head. 

“There are large flocks of turkeys all over the west end. Most of the time they are pretty chill. Luckily, they aren’t aggressive, chasing any kids down the road,” he said.

The viewer captured the turkeys with video cameras around the camp property and said most of the year there were about eight members of the turkey gang. 

“The turkeys are usually around every day, but I haven’t seen them since a couple days before Thanksgiving,” he said. 

Did the turkeys go into hiding before the holiday? Only time will tell if they return to the Suomi camp. 

For now the viewer said he thinks the turkeys are still around, but stealthily avoiding his cameras. 

Thank you to this kind viewer for sharing this video with us.