The Lodge Luxury Suites Restores Former Elk’s Club in Hancock

It comes with a great view and an incredible history within its walls. Hancock’s former elk’s club has a new purpose these days. From a heyday that included Elks chapter gatherings and wedding celebrations. To today, 101 Front Street is home to the Lodge Luxury Suites owned by Stephen Polakowski and run by his daughter Sydney.

“So actually a long time ago, I used to dance and do gymnastics here in this building. That was before any of the renovations happened. I want to say around 2010-ish. Being in this building now that it’s completely transformed is honestly mind-blowing to see how far it has come. And to be here where there is so much rich history that we’re able to keep here. Restore and make it better, is I think so amazing.” Sydney Polakowski, Manager, The Lodge Luxury Suites

Stephen brought on Sydney to help run the day-to-day operations. As well as help prepare the location to house its suites. While researching the history of Elks Clubs and the national membership. She discovered several famous Americans held an Elks membership. To which the suites pay homage to some, including Vince Lombardi.

“We’re super excited to be a part of the Keweenaw business community and be in this building. This building was a significant part of the community. It was an Elk’s Club, Lodge No. 381. We went to extensive detail and levels of effort to keep and maintain a lot of the original architecture and woodwork. And we’re proud to have done that.” Stephen Polakowski, Owner, The Lodge Luxury Suites.

Much like the rooms named after former elks members. The lodge does well to retain many of the building’s prominent features. Such as the main common area and the elk’s bar. Polakowski says that much of the former ballroom space and offices have been converted into suites for visitors. He designed the layouts using 3-D CAD software.

“I’m very grateful to some contractors. Eric Harris over the top was good, and Louis Vencato Construction was unbelievable. Jeff Peltier came and did some framing for me. Eric Jacobson and Bent Leonard are two friends who lived and breathed this project for the past 16 months I can’t thank them enough. And then my daughter Sydney, who is going to be managing the facility and is doing a wonderful job with SEO and website development.” Stephen Polakowski, Owner, The Lodge Luxury Suites

The Lodge Luxury Suites happily enter the Hancock business community. And welcomes visitors to enjoy a beautiful view of the Portage Lake lift bridge from the sunny side. You can learn more about 101 Front Street’s renewed life as The Lodge Luxury Suites online here.