UPHS – Portage Plans Breast Cancer Awareness Dinner for the Copper Country

During October it isn’t hard to find a pink ribbon promoting breast cancer awareness. Next Tuesday, UPHS Portage will host the hospital’s Breast Cancer Awareness dinner. The event will include a presentation from UPHS Portage Oncologist Doctor Charles Goodwin. Who will share information about the importance of early detection, regular checkups, and screenings, as well as advances in treatment options for cancer.

“It’s really important to see our primary care physician on an annual basis. And that education typically comes from providers, such as family practice physicians or OBGYNs. On the importance of those monthly self-exams, and paying attention to our bodies.” Angela Luskin, Community Health Coordinator, UPHS – Portage

UPHS portage does ask participants planning to attend the Breast Cancer Awareness Dinner with Dr. Goodwin, to pre-register online. The Dinner will take place at the Bonfire next Tuesday, October 17th. The event begins at 5 pm. The dinner is free to attend.

Register for the dinner here.