SEMCO Energy Warns of New Tactics Employed by Scammers

SEMCO Energy gas company warns that scammers are stepping up their tactics to fool customers. The natural gas company has been contacted by several customers in recent weeks informing the company that an unknown scammer has been misrepresenting SEMCO Energy while showing up at customers’ doors. The scammers are asking customers to provide personal information such as banking information and a copy of their gas bill. SEMCO Energy does not solicit customers door-to-door or ask for customer account information. Customers are advised to not share personal information with strangers, and review the facts if someone suggests that they can offer a lower utility rate. SEMCO’s natural gas utility rate is regulated by the state of Michigan’s Public Service Commission. If you are being harassed please contact your local police department or the Michigan Public Service Commission at 1 800 292 9555.

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