McConnells first incident a little over a month ago, on capital hill.

In Kentucky yesterday Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell again appeared to freeze mid sentence, after a reporter asked him of his plans for re-election. This comes little over a month after McConnell was seen freezing similarly on podium at capital hill, again mid-sentence. Both instances the Senators expression changed completely and he seemed to be staring miles away, which went on for nearly half a minute until assistants or other members of his team gently shook him out or questioned further.

Though members of his office have insisted he is doing fine, this again is not the first time this has happened, and only adds to the growing questions surrounding the aging senators health and fitness for office. After a fall in March McConnel suffered a fractured rib, and more severely – a concussion. In July he had another fall at an airport, however these freezing episodes are more concerning and likely further symptoms from his concussion, his office adding that he felt “dizzy and light-headed” after both incidents.

Whether these incidents are truly concerning or not is to be seen, as the Capitols attending physician Dr. Brian Monahan – along with the Senators own neurological team, has continued to clear the senator medically to continue working his busy schedule. His office also added he will continue to see a doctor, whos main advice has been hydration as the senator continues to recover from his concussion.

President Biden has said he has talked with McConnell personally, adding “I’m confident he’s going to be back to his old self”.