Portage Lake District Library Kicks Off Summer Reading Program this Weekend

Like many libraries across the nation, the Portage Lake District Library has plans to get kids reading with their summer reading program. And while helping kids prevent the dreaded summer slide in reading comprehension is a good reason to keep turning the page, PLDL hopes kids in the area will explore or even rediscover a love for reading.

“So, during the school year, a lot of the focus is on hitting benchmarks and getting ready for tests, in a very focused and structured environment. Which is great, but we also need time to rest. We need time to play and explore. And the summer reading program is a great way to do that, with the added benefit of preventing the summer slide. But really at the end of the day I want people feel rewarded in a hobby that they already like and want to explore more. Or to have that kind of accountability, that I want to read some many hours this summer. But I’m going to read things I want to read this time.” – Katrina Linde-Moriartey, Portage Lake District Library, Library Director

The portage lake district library has recently finished many of it’s renovations in the building. Most important of which are the tween, teen and children’s spaces. Linde Moriarty says that the goal of building specific kids reading areas is to offer a safe and relaxing place for area teens to hang out, and even learn a little something new.

“You can track your reading by time, you can track your reading by books. i think that’s good, because different formats have different reading styles. So if you’re into graphic novels, like i am, those tend to read a lot fast than novels. But it’s great to say I want to read X amount of hours, or so many books, or pages. I think one of the benefits of having the new space for teens, and kids, is there’s not a lot of places for kids to go indoors in the summer.And so we hope to provide a safe, and relativity “cool” place for but literally and figuratively for our youth in the area.” – Katrina Linde-Moriartey, Portage Lake District Library, Library Director

The portage lake district library will kick off their summer reading program this Saturday. Kids will enjoy some ice cream, and get to pick out their first book for the summer. The summer reading program is very easy to fit to your reading style, and the library has plenty of great options to chose. You can find more information about the PLDL’s summer reading program on pldl.org.