Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Chief Judge William Jondreau Passes Away at Age 55

William W. "Bill" Jondreau

Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Chief Judge William Bill Jondreau has passed away at the age of 55. Yesterday KBIC Tribal Council President, Doreen Blaker, announced that Judge Jondreau died this past Monday. Throughout his career, Jondreau served the Keweenaw bay Indian community in many capacities, and was heavily involved in other community groups around the area. He also served his community with the Baraga Fire Department and as a member of the Baraga School Board.

“He coached little league for many years, and youth basketball. And he volunteered his time to numerous community activities, events and organizations. We will see you again.” – Doreen Blaker, Tribal Council President, Keweenaw Bay Indian Community

Jondreau is an alumni of the Baraga school system and Northern Michigan University. He is survived by a loving family, two sons and his granddaughter. Funeral services are being coordinated by the Reid Funreral Services Chapel, L’Anse.