Visit Keweenaw is Seeking Applicants for Destination Development Awards

Visit Keweenaw may be known for their wealth of knowledge about recreation and events in the Keweenaw peninsula. But the organization also helps support communities and organizations that keep visitors coming to the region. Visit Keweenaw recently announced the opening of their destination development awards, that will distribute 20,000 dollars to groups seeking to improve the look of the Keweenaw.

“One thing that’s different, is people will apply for these, and it’s really a reimbursement once they finish their project. So these are projects that are going to help improve accessibility for people with limited mobility. People who are at an older age and need some assistance up those stairs. So looking for those sorts of projects that are really going to make these destinations more accessible to everyone. So last year we gave $10,000 in Destination Development Awards to the Keweenaw Snowmobile Club. So when you think of an example like that, that’s really going to improve trail conditions for snowmobilers.” – Jesse Wiederhold, Public Relations Coordinator, Visit Keweenaw

Visit Keweenaw’s destination development awards last year help support organizations with giving Tuesday sponsorship, construction of a new groomer barn for the snowmobile club, signage and more. Visit Keweenaw’s Public Relations Coordinator, Jesse Wiederhold, says that last year’s awards ranged from 2,000 to 10,000 dollars, and qualifying for the program is fairly easy.

“Another example of that, though it didn’t come from this funding, was we assisted with purchasing new grooming equipment in Calumet, that’s going to allow fat-tire biking, in a place were it was previously just snowshoeing. Just really building on those types of examples. You must be a non-profit organization to apply. So that is one requirement. By September we’d like to see those projects completed, but that is not a requirement. We’re just excited to it happen. And of course getting those proposals in by March 3rd. And then we’ll be reviewing them.” – Jesse Wiederhold, Public Relations Coordinator, Visit Keweenaw

Visit Keweenaw Destination Development Award applications are due by March 3rd. Non-profits, and community organizations who are interested in learning more about the application process, and what projects qualify for the program can contact Visit Keweenaw for more details.