Copper Harbor Trails Club Begins Fundraising Efforts Toward SRAM Match Program

The Copper Harbor Trails Club sure started off the year on the right foot. Last week the trails club collected their Portage Health Foundation Giving Tuesday 2022 campaign donations, totaling 117,556 dollars from the community. This year’s donations to the trails club marked the largest fundraising jump of any group from the previous year. Ahead of the 2022 PHF Giving Tuesday campaign the trails club had announced a match program partnership with an industry leader, SRAM.

“We’re hoping to raise 500,000 dollars per year, for the next five years, to build out a huge number of trails in the Keweenaw area. So we’re talking, not one to two miles of trail a year. We could be doing five to ten miles, or more in the coming years.” – Nathan Miller, Executive Director, Copper Harbor Trails Club

The match program with SRAM, commits a match of up to 500,000 dollars per year over a five year period, for CHTC to build out new trails in Copper Harbor. The funds raised from 2022 Giving Tuesday are certainly a solid start to the club’s fundraising efforts for the match program. But their work will need to continue throughout the year to reach their goal of raising the matched 500,000 dollars. Look out for future events and fundraising opportunities with the Copper Harbor Trails Club over the coming months. For those interested in helping CHTC reach their goal, the group has three donation options available on their website, you can find more information with the links below.

Copper Harbor Trails Club Match Program with SRAM

Copper Harbor Trails Club SRAM Match donation page