Raise the Woof Brings Laughs and Awareness to the Copper Country Humane Society

It’s time to raise some laughs, woofs and money. This weekend Raise the Woof returns to the copper country, to benefit the Copper Country Humane Society, and their furry friends. Leading up to the comedy show, the humane society’s media sponsor, 97.7 the wolf, introduced some of their dogs to the community. Two of them have found their forever homes, and many are still searching for their newest friend.

“It’s hard at times, but it’s especially nice to see our shy critters come out of their shells. And then ultimately find wonderful homes. We’ve had some great adoptions recently. We had several senior cats get adopted. And it’s just such a wonderful feeling to find them homes. We are happy to team up with just about anyone, just if it gets our babies out there. I know we’re super active on our social media, but not everyone is online. But a lot of people listen to the radio or watch the news. SO it’s nice to get get our babies out there a little bit more.” – Rebecca Brink, Assitant Manager, Copper Country Humane society

The show this Saturday will have comedians Rick Logan and Jeff Pfoser. Logan has opened for the famous comedian Carrot Top, and has won Funniest People Alive. Pfoser is said to walk the line between likeable and offensive comedy. Brink says that the show will have a more mature feel than previous years, and will sure entertain the Rozsa Center.

“It’s more like NC-17 kind of show. It’s not as family friendly. But, yeah. Were really excited. It’s always just so much fun. It’s a great night out, everybody can get some laughs. And you’re supporting animals, and what could be better. We’re very excited.” – Rebecca Brink, Assitant Manager, Copper Country Humane society

The Copper Country Pet Crematory presents Raise the Woof to benefit the Copper Country Humane society at the Rozsa Center this satruday on Michigan Tech’s campus. Comedians will fill the theater with plenty of laughs for a great cause and incredible furry companions. You can find ticket information for the show on our website abc 10 up dot com. If you are interested in meeting one of the 12 dogs of Christmas, contact the humane society their phone number can be found alongside ticket information online.

Online ticket information

CCHS Adopt a Pet

Information on the comedy tour and their organization – woofraise.com