Rehabilitation for Trail #3 Connecting Lake Linden and Dollar Bay Will Begin in Spring

The Dollar Bay – Lake Linden trail #3 was washed out by the father’s day flood in 2018. Effectively cutting of towns along the stretch from winter snowmobile and ATV traffic for the past four years. Finally, after pressure by the Keweenaw ATV and Keweenaw Snowmobile clubs and cooperation by the Michigan DNR, the trail will soon be brought back to life. In total, repairs and rehabilitation of the trail connecting Dollar Bay to Lake Linen is estimated at eight million dollars.

“Just off of memory here, I think there’s 175 washouts, on the whole thing. And those were the worst in that area. because of the depth of the culverts.” – Mike McMahon, Trail Maintenance Coordinator, Keweenaw ATV Club

There has not been a formal economic study done to value trail #3. But Visit Keweenaw has supplied a informal estimate of how much money the trail brings to the local economy. Trail three from dollar bay to lake linden represents around 900,000 dollars per year.

“It’ll also take some pressure off of that main trail. #17, running north and south, it can get real rough on a Friday afternoon or Saturday afternoon. And so we are real excited for the work that ATV has done to get that trail reopened. And looking forward to it being a part of the routes next year. To take that pressure off, and provide a smoother trail for all users, all winter.” – Ryan LaPorte, President, Keweenaw Snowmobile Club

Work on trail three will begin next spring. And the hope is to have the vast majority of the work completed by the 2023 snowmobile season. If weather conditions work out for the clubs, DNR, and contractors, the trail will open for the first time in five years sometime in late 2023.

“There’s about seven miles of trail, split out into six different phases of projects. They’re going to bid out at different times. So those bid packages will all be due about mid – January. And they are staggered approvals.” – Ryan LaPorte, President, Keweenaw Snowmobile Club

Find out more about the trail #3 project, membership information, volunteer opportunities and trail club events online. You can find a link to both the Keweenaw ATV Club and Keweenaw Snowmobile Club websites. This season trail #3 will remain closed. Please contact the Keweenaw Snowmobile club to find out information for alternative routes, detours, and updated information about other trail conditions.